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Ready For Flight

 Damon Schindler raised in Los Angeles was born on December 27th, 1972 on an Air Force base in Sacramento, California.   His great grand parents built a modest home in Alhambra, Located in Eastern Los Angeles while his other great grandparents resided in Pasadena. Living near the Huntington Library and Gardens his great grandfather  Emil Luks worked as  a commercial photographer and at  times painted with his brother George Luks of  "The Ash Can School" in New York during the early part of the 20th century.

 The generations to follow would remain just  east of the Los Angeles River. In 1994 Damon pursued his love of art by studying at the renowned California Institute of The Arts      (Cal Arts). After obtaining his bachelor's degree in fine arts in 1997 he went on to share his knowledge by teaching art at an alternative high school in Los Angeles.

He has spent  10 summers working with students selected for the California State Summer School for the Arts, producing individual film and video projects. Damon, who now works as the resident scenic artist for the Los Angeles Opera, Is constantly expanding the scope of his art and working to present his work in the public sphere with the help of his father whom assists in making this website possible with true inspiration and support.


The Paintings:

 Since 1991 I have been constantly making paintings that stem from the Surrealist and Expressionist traditions. In these canvases a world of lush electric landscapes is revealed while enchanting characters participate in the ever enduring story of life. The scenes are vibrant, radiating with color as the physical world bends and twists breathing life into a host of characters. The imagery is laid down optimistically or romantically in allegorical terms while not losing sight of the fractured structures or jagged edges that lay just beneath the candy coated surface of modern terrestrial life. The landscapes take on human and animal traits exposing a relationship between beings and their environment. In this a glance is shown of the psychic reality projected on the physical plane of our travelers. By using lyrical imagery compositions are offered that broaden and fulfill what we already or possibly have an inkling or understanding of. Similar to the constellation of stars that are already there shining for us ,the paintings simply provide a loosely scripted map where we are allowed to connect the dots leading us to the hidden treasure of the imagination.

 Wire Sculpture/Assemblage

 While walking along our city streets or country roads I collect certain discarded objects that I encounter, usually of an intimate or small nature. These selected pieces are then put together to construct a semi figurative composition. The main aim is to allow the viewer a point of entry that can extend the possibility of the imagination while referencing the natural world. The works attempt to transform the mundane into the magical using previously unwanted materials. A 16mm film "Ground Fly" is an animation composed of found objects. It is a brief journey where we accompany our guide through his neighborhood and its activities. I have been working with found objects since 1994 and have been pleased with the results of making art in a frugal manner out of what is around me.





Exhibitions                        Education
CadFab Creative                             1997 BFA Fine Arts
solo painting show                           Cal Arts
Culver City Arts District                  Valencia, Ca

Gallery 800
Group Show
NoHo District                                 

2008                                                 Studio Visit volume 45
Ghetto Gloss Gallery                        selected paintings
Silver Lake ,CA
                                                          1996 L.A. Weekly
                                                           Huarache stomp
2005                                                   Als Bar, Downtown L.A arts disstrict
Carthay Gallery
Los Angeles,CA

Gallery Figueroa
Highland Park, CA

Controlled Experiment
Visual ,audio and performance
SCA Gallery
Pomona, CA

Bella Arts Festival
Valencia, Ca

Mental vs. Vegetable
Painting, sculpture, performance
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Time and Place
Painting, sculpture

Blue Bird Gallery
Santa Cruz, Ca

Holly Matter Modern Art
Los Angeles, Ca

Museum Jose Luis Cuevas
Found object/sculpture
Mexico City, Mexico

Stevenson Blanch Devearux Gallery
Cal Arts
Valencia, CA

L- Shaped gallery
Cal Arts
Valencia, CA

Main Gallery
Painting Cal Arts
Valencia, CA

A.M.O Gallery
Silver Lake, CA

Mt. San Antonio C.C.

La Taza Café
Covina, CA